MaxWeb Portal
Terms of use

1. The MaxWeb portal run by SolarMax Sales and Service GmbH (referred to below as "SolarMax") is a service provided to registered users of SolarMax equipment (referred to below as "USER"), which allows users password protected remote inquiries of values measured in SolarMax equipment, such as yields, output, temperature and different events.

2. The data is made available for information purposes only. For technical reasons the equipment data retrievable through the web portal can, in particular, not be used as evidence of the effective supply of energy vis--vis third parties such as network operators.

3. SOLARMAX does not guarantee that the equipment data retrievable through the web portal is correct, up-to-date, complete or always accessible.  The USER himself is responsible for ensuring that equipment data is accessible and available as required, independent of the web portal.

4. SOLARMAX reserves the right to make changes at any time to the web portal, such as extensions or limitations of functionalities. If possible, USERS will be informed ahead of such changes.

5. SOLARMAX saves the data retrieved through the web portal but is not responsible for their archiving or the preservation (backup, etc.) of such data. SOLARMAX reserves the right to delete data that is older than 1 year and/or to thin out the data.

6. SOLARMAX holds all rights to the web portal, to its user interfaces, programs and other parts of the web portal.

7. The USER bears full responsibility for any changes that he or his guest users make to system data (e.g. the installed capacity) and for texts or images posted over the web portal.
SOLARMAX reserves the right to delete without prior notice any texts or images it deems offensive or immoral.

8. The USER is responsible for all activities of his guest users on the web portal and must carefully instruct his guest users about the contents of these Terms of Use and of the consequences of any incorrect manipulation.

9. SOLARMAX reserves the right to delete USER accounts without further notice, where no inquiry has been made for more than six months.

10. The USER bears responsibility for generating a new password using the "Forgot password" function if his password or his guest users password is lost. If he fails to do so, SOLARMAX can no longer bear responsibility for the confidentiality and integrity of the data at the portal.

11. SOLARMAX shall only use the personal data such as name and e-mail address for the purposes of the web portal and customer information records. This information will not be given to external third parties. The retrieved data can be used for technical analysis, but only once personal or site specific data has been removed.

12. To the extent permitted by law, SOLARMAX excludes any and all liability to the USERS arising from the operation of the web portal and the data retrievable thereof.

13. These Terms of Use are based exclusively on German law. Ellzee, Germany is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from the use of this web portal.

SolarMax Sales and Service GmbH
Ellzee, 1 January 2016